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What is Beauty in Business?

The energy of Beauty is generative my friends! It is a massive invitation that is often overlooked. 

Welcome to one of my very favourite things in the world to talk about... I'm so excited to share with you the simplicity and JOY that branding & design CAN BE.

Welcome to combination of art theory (composition, colour, aesthetics & design) with the added MEGA sparkle of the Access Consciousness™ tools.

What would show up for your or your clients' businesses if you were even more aware & deliberate with your creations?

AND.... what if it's easier than you think ?

(ie. no previous experience in design school, Photoshop or Wordpress required)

Who is this workshop for?

YOU! (silly)

Just kidding . This is for beauty & aesthetic enthusiasts (ie anyone who appreciates design, beauty, aesthetic, or a super tapped-in brand or marketing campaign)  

  • Owner or assistant in any online business (ahemmm.... Access™ CF's and their teams) 
  • Graphic, website, business designers 
  • Artists & creative entrepreneurs 
  • Marketing & business Consultants
  • Bloggers & influencers
  • Anyone who LOVES Canva, Elle Decor magazine, instagram or HGTV ;) 


Beautiful Work
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Call 1 

The Energetics of Beauty

April 1st

(your time & date)

Strengthen your muscle of AWARENESS

Identify congruency, acknowledge YOUR knowing & RECEIVE

(Pssst ... this is the magic part)

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Call 2

Skill Building

April 3rd

(your time & date)


AND... All those important technical bits.
I PROMISE it's easier than it sounds.
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Call 3


April 6th

(your time & date)


Time to apply those BADASS skills, in your business, with your clients and in your life.



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Call 4


April 9th

(your time & date)

COMMUNION of all things pretty

( and Conscious ) 

What is in a brand? A brand with any other is NOT as sweet (or generative)

Workshop Includes :

  • 1.5 Hour Live Interactive Webinars via Zoom (video & audio recordings will be sent out within 48 hours) x 4 
  • PDF of written processes & notes x 4
  • Private Facebook Group to share learn & facilitate more growth, change and beautiful awesomeness 

Registration now closed for April 2020!


Can't Wait?

Creative & Business Consulting

$250.00 USD
30 minute Create your life session

$140.00 USD
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